How An Appliance Repair Technician Might Fix A Dishwasher That Won't Dry Dishes

A few things can cause your dishwasher to stop drying your dishes. It may be difficult to uncover the cause without help from an appliance repair technician. However, you want to solve this problem so your dishes come out dry, spot free, and ready to use. Here's a look at reasons why this could be happening.

The Heating Element Could Be Bad

Dishwashers work in different ways. Some have a heating element in them that kicks on to dry your dishes. This element can go bad and stop putting out heat. If this happens, your dishes won't get dry. A heating element can be pulled out of the washer and checked with a multimeter to see if it's bad. If it is, it should be replaced with a new element.

If the element is fine, the problem might be with the wire harness that connects the heating element to the control board. The appliance technician can test it with a multimeter too, and replace it if it's bad. Another problem that could affect the heating element is a bad control board. If the control board is bad, it needs to be replaced, and this is a little more involved than replacing an element, but it has to be done if the board malfunctions.

The Vent Fan Might Be Faulty

Some dishwashers use vent fans to dry dishes after the wash cycle. This works by a fan blowing hot steam out of the washer. The steam is blown out of a small vent door that opens. The appliance repair technician will check that the door isn't stuck and if the fan is working properly. If the fan doesn't spin or if the motor doesn't have continuity when checked with a multimeter, the repair technician will probably need to replace the vent fan motor to get the fan working again.

The Turbidity Sensor Failed

The turbidity sensor monitors the rinse water for food particles. When the water runs clear, the sensor triggers the drying cycle to start. If the sensor fails, the drying cycle never starts up and your dishes will stay wet. A failed sensor can be replaced with a new one.

The Float Switch Is Bad

The float switch is a device that tells the washer when to stop filling with water. If it goes bad, the water may not fill or it might overfill. The switch also affects drying since it can shut off low-voltage flow in the washer if it's defective. It will stop the cycle so the heat won't be created when your dishwasher is in drying mode. This problem can be solved when the appliance repair technician puts in a new float switch.

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