What You Need To Know About Appliance Repair And When To Call For Help

A dryer that is not working correctly can be a problem. While they do the same job as older appliances, modern units often use more electronic controls in them now, making professional dryer repair necessary. The same can be true for the clothes washer in your home, but often the same appliance repair service can also take care of your washer repair needs.

Dryer Problems

Modern dryers use an electric motor and belt to turn the drum or a gearbox made from plastic to remove the belt from the drive system. Both the belt and the gearbox can wear with use and stop working eventually. When the belt goes, it is often accompanied by a smell of burning rubber, but the gearbox might not be as apparent until the dryer is disassembled and inspected.

The dryer repair service tech can remove the case from the dryer and check the belt and motor, or if your dryer uses a gearbox, they can inspect it for play or damage. Repairing a broken belt often requires the tech to replace the belt with a new one and adjust its tension. 

If you have a gearbox driving dryer and there is a problem with the gears inside it, it is easier to remove the old one and replace it with a new gearbox. Rebuilding the gearbox is not cost-effective if you can get them apart. However, many of the boxes are riveted together and are not intended to be serviced when they fail. The gears and the gearbox are typically made from plastic to keep the cost down, and under normal use will last a long time but can wear out faster if you overload your dryer with heavy items.

Electronic Controls

Modern appliances like washers and dryers use advanced electronic controls in place of the traditional dials to set the mode, heat, and time of the cycle on the machines. While these systems offer a lot of flexibility to the appliance, they are harder to work on if the machine stops working. 

Depending on which machine is not working, many appliance repair services offer washer repair and dryer repair. If the electronics are the issue, the repair may involve replacing the control panel in the machine. Because the electronic controls are programmed at the factory when the appliance is made, it isn't easy to make any repairs to the controller itself without equipment that most repair techs will not have. 

Removing the controller often means unplugging the wiring, removing the controller from the machine, then reversing the process to put a new one in that is already programmed and ready to use. Often washer or dryer repair of this kind can be completed quickly, and the cost of the service call and the controller are typically far less than the cost of replacing either appliance with new machines.

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