Is Your Refrigerator Running: Three Ways To Troubleshoot Your Rfergierator

Your refrigerator is the heart and soul of your kitchen, and when it goes out, you may have to replace your groceries. Knowing how to troubleshoot this appliance can help you to determine when appliance repair is necessary. Here are a few troubleshooting tips you can use when you spot trouble with your refrigerator.

The Refrigerator Is Not Cold Enough

If your refrigerator is cold, but not cold enough to store your food properly, there are several steps you can take. Check the temperature settings first, and adjust them if necessary. In some cases, the temperature adjustment controls may have been inadvertently changed as you moved food in the compartment. If the controls are set properly check the door seals. Broken seals may allow cold air to exit the refrigerator, causing the temperature inside to rise. You should also check to make sure there is enough clearance around the back and sides of the refrigerator for air to flow. If air cannot flow freely, the refrigerator may overheat, causing the unit to stop cooling. Your refrigerator's owner's manual should indicate how much room is needed for your particular model. If these steps do not work, look for a home appliance repair company in your area to inspect the refrigerator.

Ice Maker Is Not Working

If your refrigerator has an ice maker that is malfunctioning, check to make sure that your water line is properly connected. Check both the connection point on your wall and on the back of the refrigerator. Your ice problems may also be caused by not having enough food in the freezer. When the freezer is empty, the defrost cycle will cause your already-formed ice cubes to melt. As the defrost cycle ends, the cubes will re-freeze and may become stuck together. This will prevent them from being able to move into the dispenser. Before you call an appliance repair person, add more food to the freezer and wait until the defrost cycle has completed again. If you are still having issues, it may be time to have the ice maker inspected by a professional.

Refrigerator Is Running Loudly

The noise you hear coming from the back of your refrigerator may be the condenser fan. In some cases, there may be something blocking the fan from spinning freely, which can result in a loud noise. If you feel comfortable with removing the back panel of your refrigerator to inspect the fan, you may do so, but be sure to unplug the refrigerator first to avoid injuries. If the fan is unobstructed but the noise is new or it is worsening, contact the appliance repair person in your area to make sure everything is running properly.

Monitoring your refrigerator for signs of trouble can help you to prevent major problems later on. If you notice any of these issues and you aren't able to solve the problem, consult with a professional like RED'S APPLIANCE REPAIR to inspect the unit and make any necessary fixes.