Three Other Sources You Can Purchase Air Conditioning Units From And Have Them Installed

Most of the time people who want or need air conditioning units installed buy the units and pay for the installation service from an HVAC contractor. However, the prices some of the contractors charge can be out of the range of most homeowners. The price ranges are typically developed with commercial installations in mind, and usually only minor alterations to the final cost for installation are made for residential customers. If you want to cut the costs of buying and installing a new central air system, but you do not want to "do it yourself," here are three other sources from which you can purchase air conditioning units and have the units installed by these sources.

Discount Department Stores

Discount department stores differ from high-end department stores in that the discount stores not only sell some furniture, but they also sell major appliances and heating and cooling systems too. Additionally, you can receive various discounts throughout the year on your appliance needs, including central air units and the appliance services needed to install them. These stores either have installation experts that work for them, or they subcontract installation services out to handymen who do the work and then bill you or the store for services rendered.

Appliance and Electronics Stores

Stores that specialize in strictly appliances or appliances and electronics are another source for your consideration. These stores sell nothing but appliances or appliances and electronics, and they do have their own people install whatever you buy. As with the discount department stores, you can either have your new air conditioner's components delivered to the house or load them onto the back of your truck (since they will not fit in most passenger cars) and take them home from the store yourself. This may be a more convenient option, since you can schedule the installation service for a separate day and time when a coupon or price break on the installation services becomes available.

Recycled Building Parts Stores

Stores centered on collecting and reusing building materials, appliances and home goods often have a central air conditioner or two on hand. The machines are verified and guaranteed to work, and you can purchase them at a drastically discounted price. The money goes back into the store, which is often supported by charitable contributions and operates as a non-profit. As for installation services, you may find a contractor who donates his or her services through the store to those in need, and/or charges a reasonable price for service to other customers who have made a purchase through the recycled goods store.

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