How To Get Your Appliances To Last Longer

Buying large appliances, like a refrigerator and washing machine, is a considerable investment. The last thing you want to do is have to replace a broken washer only a couple years after you purchased it. The following tips will help you prolong the life of some different types of appliances.

Washer and Dryer

Your washer and dryer are most likely among the biggest investments in your home as far as appliances go. Protect that investment with regular cleaning and maintenance. If you notice your washer running for longer than normal, a leak of water, or a dryer that requires two cycles to get your clothes dry, these are warning signs. Get a repair professional in your home to look at them before it creates bigger problems and you have to replace them.

To help extend the life of your washing machine, make sure you empty out the pockets regularly. The washer drum can get scratched and chipped if you leave metal objects or change in those pockets. They can also cause big dents and eventually rust. The filters should also be cleaned regularly. With your dryer, clean the lint trip not just in the machine, but the vent trap that leads outside as well. Exterior hoses also need to be inspected and cleaned.


To help your refrigerator last longer, you need to not only focus on daily care of the appliance, but regular cleaning and maintenance as well. Be gentle with your refrigerator and don't open and close the doors too often, slam the doors closed or swing them open too roughly. This can all have an effect on the doors and hinges, which might eventually need to be replaced. If you notice anything wrong with your refrigerator, get repairs right away instead of putting it off.

Pay attention to the metal strips on the doors and contact a technician if they are starting to look worn. If you need to adjust the thermostat in the refrigerator or freezer, that is typically a sign that some repairs are needed. When cleaning the refrigerator, clean inside and outside, moving it from its position to sweep beneath and behind where the fridge usually sits.


A dishwasher is another pricey appliance that should get regular care and maintenance to avoid having to replace it prematurely. Keep the inside of the dishwasher clean by placing a cup of vinegar inside with nothing else and run it on a normal cycle. The vinegar will clean and disinfect inside the dishwasher. Also clean the outside of the dishwasher and clean any food traps your dishwasher has. Wipe down the seals around the dishwasher doors, and look for signs or rust or erosion. If the door handle seems to be sticking, have it replaced before more damage is done.

If your appliances need replacement parts, contact a local parts provider, like Appliance Parts Center.