Troubleshooting And Fixing Your Washing Machine

Today's modern conveniences provide us with all kinds of excellent things. One of these things is the modern day washing machine. No longer do we have to wash our clothing and bedding in a wooden tub with a washboard. But having a washing machine can come with some issues if it breaks down on you the night before the big interview.

Here are some ways you can figure out what might be wrong with your washing machine, and how to fix it:

Simple Fixes

Before you call in an appliance repair company, check for a few easy fixes first. Is the washing machine getting any power?

If not, check the cord behind it since they can sometimes comes loose due to the motion of the machine. Or, the breaker may have gone bad and just needs to be reset.

If it is the water supply instead of the power that's the issue, check to see if there are any serious kinks in the water supply hose that goes to the machine. Turn off the water save option (if you have one), and try to run it again. If neither of these obvious issues are the problem, it may mean that your washing machine is in need of a cleaning.

Cleaning Your Machine

Many people don't think that the washing machine needs to be cleaned fairly regularly. It constantly runs soap and water through it, so it should always be clean, right?

Not so. In fact, dirty or clogged washing machines are a common cause for clothes still smelling odd after a wash or not being washed thoroughly. Take a look inside the machine for any soap buildup and other gunk and lint, and remove it with an even mixture of household detergent (gentle) and ammonia. You can also rub the inside of the machine down with a little water and bleach. Once you've done this, run a full cycle with just water (no clothes!) for a final rinse.

More Serious Issues

If power, the water line, or a dirty machine are not your problem, it might be time to get into the heart of the matter. In order to work on a washing machine, it has to be disassembled first. If you do this, be cautious since breaking anything could void your warranty. The three elements to remove are the control panel. the service panel, and the housing cabinet.

Once you do this, you'll see the guts of the machine where you can troubleshoot and make any repairs. If you are in doubt, it's always a good idea to bring in the professionals for help. For more help, try contacting a company like Buckeye Appliance Service with any questions or concerns you have.